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January 17

Good morning. Our keynote is "Honesty". Today's Meditation and Prayer suggest using our attitude toward God and our fellows as protection against frets, impatience, worry, or "evil" thoughts. I had always believed my "attitude" to be my mindset, or the way I thought and felt about some person, thing, or situation. Under that definition, my attitude was beyond my immediate control. I was enslaved to it. In early sobriety, I was given a new definition of attitude, which is "angle of approach". Upon reading that definition, I experienced a life-changing epiphany. I realized that my angle of approach is the way I ACT toward someone or something. Under the "new" definition, my attitude instantly became totally within my control. Since that moment, I have known that I can control my attitude and use it as a tool to maintain God consciousness and help me focus on others and what I can do for them. When I use my "attitude" in that manner, frets, impatience, worry, and "evil" thoughts do, indeed, magically evaporate.

I love you all.

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